Borg Performance Training specializes in individualized strength and conditioning and coaching for every type and level of athlete. We take a goal-oriented approach to training, keeping athletes focused and motivated with the personal attention and knowledge needed for each athlete to reach their peak performance at the right time.

We work with athletes of any sport, and those who want to excel in general fitness.  We specialize in the athlete who realizes that strength and conditioning is the missing piece in their training program.  Through personalized training – we don’t use a one size fits all  template – our athletes are able to bridge the gap in their training to achieve their goals within a given timeframe.

Borg Performance Training offers the one-on-one training that is missing in todays ‘gym culture’.  We invest in our athletes, taking the time to know the various factors that impact the training.  We are guided by our philosophy that recovery is as valuable as the training and by creating flexible, yet challenging training programs every athlete will achieve their goals in a supportive and stress-free environment.

We’d love to show you why we think we have the right training program for you.  Tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll give you a free training program evaluation.