We have combined the benefits of personal training with the schedule flexibility that athletes desire in order to create the ideal training environment for athletes of any sport.
Our private training facility is a perfect place for the athlete who desires the benefit of having a training plan designed with benchmarks/standards based on the athlete’s goals and timeframe.  Borg Performance Training athletes receive daily and/or weekly individualized strength and conditioning training programs that can be completed during private training sessions.
By combining the individualized programming element in a private training facility the athlete maintains a consistent, structured and well-monitored training program.  Being able to work with the athlete one-on-one will allow for proper form and technique assessment and allow us to physically see athletes’ progress and make adjustments to programing as necessary.  It is the assessment of the athletes progress that drives and directs our individualized programing process and sets Borg Performance Training apart from the rest!
We’d love to show you why we think we have the right training program for you.  Tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll give you a free training program evaluation.