Having run distances from 5k to the Angeles Crest 100-mile trail race, I have seen every style and caliber of runner as well as many different techniques. The component seen most often as missing or catalyst for injury is run technique.

Running is something we all do or have done but many of us have done it with improper form or mechanics for too long and have ended up with an injury, which may be why many people simply do not enjoy running.  Running is a skill and through learning proper run technique it can help to eliminate past run injuries, gain speed and efficiency, and you may actually start to enjoy running. Whether your goal is to run with your kids, complete your first 5k, or finish your tenth 100-miler, through individualized programing, drills, and video analysis of your form and mechanics, we can help you to run healthfully for a very long time.

We’d love to show you why we think we have the right training program for you.  Tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll give you a free training program evaluation.